Join the Cause:
Shop or donate and help save our lives, the planet and humanity! We invest up to 50% of the profits on great humanitarian and ecological causes, the other 50% supports our work and the platform! 100% for humanity!

The Problem of Fast Fashion:
Fast fashion is one of the most damaging traits of the clothing industry. Fast fashion pollutes the planet without disregard of the ecological and future social impact. A lot of apparel is produced with sweatshops and children labor at developing countries, including bad and unsafe working conditions.

Many of the same polluting companies do greenwashing, which is a marketing spin to persuade the public that they are environmentally friendly. Consumers do not see the human explotation and nature degradation of the products they buy at a shop online or in the mall.

Our Solution: Ethical & Sustainable Fashion
We are a sustainable and ethical fashion movement. Our products are ethically made, with no child labor or sweatshops! And every product is made especially for you on demand, so there is less overproduction and waste. Our supply chain is ethical, optimized and sustainable. So by choosing us you are preserving our Mother Earth and its resources aswell. You can check out our globally recognized certifications here.

Your Shipment is Carbon Neutral:
We preserve our planet. Offsetting carbon for shipping protects the environment and our ecosystem. We are carbon neutral as we donate profits for all orders to restore forests that balance CO₂, support human and animal life, and protect wild endangered species to save the food chain.

Closed Loop System:
To reduce waste and increase efficiency, you can return your apparel to us after years have passed and we will recycle it, donate it or repurpose it into new products. Nothing goes to waste!

Promotion of Better Wages:
We work with certified suppliers that provide ethical labor, safer working environments and better wages to everyone who works with us. We are a charity organization, but also a social enterprise!

By being a social enterprise we can provide wages that can be comparable to those of the companies that are only for profit driven. This allows us to hire the best professionals as we can provide them with great wages and help them reach their goals in life while helping the planet.

Making True Charity:
People has lost trust in charities due to the fraud commited by many small and big charitable organizations around the world. To solve this problem, we provide proof of every donation with reports, photos and locations. With WorldWeCan you can be 100% sure that the donations help the causes!

Fourth Industrial Revolution:
We embrace the opportunities of digitization of our production chain and engage with other brands, humanitarian organizations and local governments to increase our humanitarian and ecological impact. Always supporting a good balance between human and automated work. And setting as a priority the well being of the people!

Join the Green Revolution:
Covid19 reminds us that humankind should launch a green revolution and move faster to create a green way of developing our lives, preserve the environment and make Mother Earth a better place for all.

Humankind can no longer ignore the repeated warnings of nature and go down the beaten path of extracting resources without conservation and exploiting resources without restoration. We invite everyone to join us to save humanity and the planet, once and for all.

Our Mission:
Our goal is to save and restore the planet, prevent the extinction of humanity and empower children, men and women alike. Together, we can do it!
How can you help the mission?
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