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Your donation is multiplied by millions of other supporters to create a global network & human chain to save our lives!

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We prove all donations with photos, reports and GPS locations of every completed project!

Here's how it works:

Where does the money go?

Great question! Your funds go directly to our overall humanitarian operation and enable us to create a global network to save the planet and humanity. This is a big operation and requires the right tools and the right people to get the job done. Below, please find just a few of the several things you help support with your donation: 

Local food and water supplies, protect bees, save children, rescue animals, restore the forests, ocean and reefs seven days a week around the world. 

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Still have questions?
No problem.

Thank you for collaborating to save the planet & humanity.

SAVE HUMANITY: We solve the most important problems and cover all human basic needs while restoring the environment and saving our future.

FOOD NETWORK: Provide sustainable food access to communities and cities around the world!

WATER NETWORK: Provide sustainable universal water access to children, men and women!

AWARENESS: Raise awareness of vital causes with fantastic art. We donate and launch global campaigns to spread the word about the most critical problems and the solutions!

OXYGEN & ECOSYSTEM: Save the forests for clean air, preserve Earth, our health and lives!

SAVE OCEANS: Save the oceans with coral and restoration projects. Oceans are essential for our survival.

SAVE ANIMALS: We form teams to save animals. They preserve the food chain and our natural ecosystem.

SAVE THE HOMELESS: Save homeless children, men and women. We teach them skills and find them jobs. See updates of their progress!

JOBS: Support jobs worldwide for people in more than 45 industries. Jobs for people to support their families and save the planet at the same time!

GLOBAL NETWORK: Unite with millions of people to help essential humanitarian and ecological causes, and save our future! Connect with people in your city! Support projects and a network to help us all survive and thrive as a civilization.