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At WorldWeCan, we only do evidence backed charity. This means that every project we do, we provide photos, reports and GPS locations. If you know or work for a charity that can meet this criteria, submit it at the form below!

The Problem: Lack of charity transparency & donations theft.

A large number of people in the world want to donate and help the planet and humanity. The problem is that many organizations misuse the donations and do not arrive to help the people, the ecology or the cause. Usually, proof that the donations arrive is never shown. A quick search of 'corrupt charities' or 'charity scandals' on the internet will demonstrate this. This decreases trust in the donors, investors and damages the image of those involved.

Fewer Britons donate to charities after scandals decrease trust. Study shows people directly donating cash falls to 57% (source: The Guardian).

Our Solution: Provide proof of everything & truly direct the donations to the causes!

We solve this problem. We prove all your impact with reports, photos and GPS locations. With us, everyone can be 100% sure the donations arrive! And we are not only working to help the most poor, we work to provide access to clean air, food, water, environmental restoration and human empowerment. We put people and planet over profit! This enables us to make more profit for great causes, a better image towards donors and investors, and more positive impact in the long term.

If you know a charity or work with a charity that work to save the planet or humanitarian causes, and can prove their impact transparently, please submit it below!

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