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Our Story

From a dream to reality.

WorldWeCan is an international humanitarian organization, fashion brand and charity founded by artist Milton Daniel Fiorito Castell. He started with a dream. That dream was saving the planet and humanity from its current self-destructive path to extinction.

The problem was how could we save our world while creating jobs, having fun and supporting a thriving life for everyone? After years of developing his passion for art, creativity and technology, he had a vision: to combine empowering art, fashion and movie production for humanitarian and ecological causes, with fantastic products that help and raise awareness for causes. All at the same time!

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Combining the digital world with the physical world, with quality, ethical, sustainable products for causes, makes sure to provide the biggest humanitarian impact.

Proving all the charity projects with reports, photos and locations. This way everyone can participate in the experience and be 100% sure that we are helping the causes.

Recovering the trust in charity. And creating jobs for artists, professionals and changemakers united to save the world altogether. So WorldWeCan: Save the Planet was born!

Our Mission

Saving our civilization & planet. Making charity, empowerment & commerce better for everyone!

We help people reach their maximum potential by making it easy to acquire empowering, artistic, durable products, and help vital humanitarian and ecological causes!

Our goal is to sustainably support humanity and all our vital needs: food, air, water, clothing, safety, shelter and self-realization.

Uniting millions of us by sharing, shopping or donating to save our future. Crowdfunding local projects and a massive global network for humanitarian aid around the world!

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Our People

Creating a community for impact.

We collaborate with independent artists, artisans, professionals and changemakers for the mission. We are constant learners and creative thinkers powered by a passion to save Mother Earth. Our network is providing work to thousands, and soon millions, to save our lives and planet!

Our Global Impact

We are making art, charity & commerce a true force for good.

We are rewriting the rules of charitable work and shopping by providing you proof of our impact with reports, photos and locations of every completed project. Every item sold helps crucial humanitarian, ecological and social initiatives.

We unite independent artists, workers and families in a worldwide network to prevent the extinction of humanity. Increasing access to sustainably sourced food, water, clothing, shelter, and protecting and restoring forests, oceans, animals and our planet's ecosystem!

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Our Commitment to Sustainability

We are building a 100-year humanitarian company.

WorldWeCan builds for the long term, and that means investing in our planet, our communities and people. Our sustainable and social impact initiatives include choosing renewable energy, reducing and offsetting carbon emissions, and enabling a fruitful and sustainable future.

By providing you products and causes to help every child, man and woman. Saving humanity and protecting our world with projects designed for the coming centuries. And having fun while doing it!


We help our planet, people & future for every product purchased.

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We are commited to the highest sustainability & ethical standards.

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How we do it:

1) Shop for a Cause: Every item sold helps the people and the planet. We direct part of the raised money to save the planet and our future. Help humanitarian and ecological causes!

2) Donate Directly: We raise funds through donations and make true impact faster.

3) Proof of Impact: We show photos, reports and locations so you can 100% trust our work. And see the progress of your support!

4) Positive Supply Chain: We make positive impact from start to end. From supporting independent artists and ethical manufacturers, to human empowering art for great causes!

5) Create a Global Charity Network: The more funds we raise through our Shop or Donations, the more causes we can help in the world. Resulting in a global network of relief and action. 

What causes do we support?

- Food: we support food networks for everyone, especially for children in poverty.
- Water: we provide clean, drinkable & sustainable water access around the world.
- Fair Clothing: provide the world with clothing that is for a cause & ethically made.
- Awareness: raise awareness of important causes with fantastic art, products & clothing.
- Animal Rescue: rescue wild animals & rehabilitate into the wild to preserve the food chain!
- Dog & Cat Rescue: We save homeless dogs & cats with food and needed items!
- Homelessnes: help homeless people learn skills & help them get jobs for a better society.
- Diversity: we build teams supporting all races & genders to save the world.
- Forests: we save forests planting trees, restoring them for clean air, healthy ecosystems.
- Oceans: we save the oceans for oxygen with our coral reef & ocean restoration campaign.
- Job Creation: we create employment for people in more than 45 industries. We support independent artists & professionals working to save our civilization, planet & future!

Up to 50% of the donations saves our world and 50% supports our platform. 100% saves humanity. 

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