Are you a Youtuber?

We need your help! We are a movement to truly save the planet and we only can do it with you! We need all the help possible to raise awareness for great humanitarian and environmental causes. This is not about profit. We put people and the planet over profit. We donate the profits to provide food, water to children and people all over the world, saving the forests, the homeless, the animals and the oceans; creating a global network of positive impact. Time is running out. Help us create a safer, better world for everyone, including you and your family.

Help save the children, people and the planet by sharing a video on Youtube:

- Share a video talking about why you support our movement (see all what we do and which causes we support at our website). And encourage and talk about why everyone should unite to our movement to save our planet.

- Add the hashtag #WorldWeCan and #WorldWeYoutube in the title of the video.

- Add a link to in the description.

The duration of the Youtube campaign is unlimited.

We will feature all the Youtubers who support us at our platform, no matter small or big. Become the first Youtuber to help our mission before our movement is trending.

We will share a list with all the videos. Every action counts. It's the sum of all our actions that can make a big impact in our world, our future.

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