We are more than a charity or clothing brand. We are a global movement.

We are people, independent artists and professionals of all races and places united to save the planet!

How we do it?

1) Shop for a Cause: Every item sold helps the people and the planet. We direct part of the raised money to the most critical and greatest causes.

2) Donate Directly: We raise funds through donations and make true positive impact.

3) Proof of Impact: We show photos, reports and GPS locations so you can be 100% sure of the impact. 

4) Positive Supply Chain: We make positive impact from start to end. From supporting independent artists and ethical manufacturers, to fantastic art for great causes.

5) Create a Global Network: The more funds we raise through our Shop or Donations, the more places we can help in the world. Resulting in a global network for positive impact and help.

What causes do we support?

- We provide food for everyone, especially to children in poverty.
- We provide clean, drinkable and sustainable water for people everywhere.
- We provide the world with clothing that is fairtrade and ethical.
- We raise awareness of great causes with innovative, fantastic art.
- We rescue wild animals and rehabilitate them.
- We rescue homeless dogs and cats.
- We help homeless people learn skills that gets them jobs.
- We build teams supporting equality for all races and sexual orientations.
- We save the forests planting trees and protecting them.
- We save the oceans with our coral reef and ocean restoration campaign.
- We create all kind of jobs for people in multiple sectors. We support independent artists and professionals working for a purpose. Everyone is welcome.

  • 100% of the donations go to the causes and to improve the platform.
  • When we collectivelly reach the needed amount for a project, we will share photos and reports of the impact!

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