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Donate 1$ to Save the World!


Do you want to live in a safer, better planet? 

If the answer is yes, you can help us create a better, greater planet for everyone, including you and your family, with a micro-donation of only 1 dollar/euro per month.

Why only 1 dollar/euro?

With this method we make it easy and affordable for everyone to help. The more people we are, the more we can help the world. If 100.000 people donate $1 every month, that is $1.2 million to truly help the planet, provide food, water, save children, forests, reefs, etc. (in only 12 months). Imagine we unite 10 million people donating 1 dollar per month! That is 120 million for the people, for the planet, without much pressure in our wallets. We believe we can do it! We just need your help!

Where do the donations go? And is there proof of where they go?

Yes! The donations go towards helping the planet and growing our global network of humanitarian aid. We are one of the few charities in the world that show proof of what they do. We prove all donations with reports, photos and GPS coordinates. We work with great people and professionals, heroes and heroines of humanity. You can stop supporting false charities/companies and start supporting WorldWeCan today, where donations are 100% proved and truly go towards great humanitarian causes you love to support.

You can see all the causes we are supporting here: Causes

What's the best way to help the world with WorldWeCan?

The best way is to donate 1$ every month, donate sparingly bigger amounts if you can (5$ or more) and shop our ethically made products where every contribution helps the children, people and the planet! Let's create a better present and future for our children, fathers, mothers, grand-parents and our future generations. Let's build a strong humanity.

What are you waiting for? The clock is running. Join us!

You can donate 1$ here.

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