The Problems:

The first wave of lockdowns absolutely crippled our economy and caused a record-setting tsunami of job losses that we still have not recovered from. 

Some of the most important problems we face today and in the near future are: food, water and supply shortages, environmental pollution and millions of job loses worldwide.

The Solution:

The situation is critical. But we have the solution! We create a local network in your city (and cities all around the world) that unites professionals, organizations and local communities for sustainable food and water production, environmental restoration and the most critical causes of the moment. 

The Safeguard:

Even if the economy collapses, once we set the networks in place, everybody will know where to go to cover all our essential human needs, provide jobs and protect our lives, families and future. If the economoy does not collapse, the network will restore and improve your city and community, so it's a win-win situation for everyone.

100% Verified Donations:
All donations are proven with reports, photos and locations. Full transparency so you can participate and see the progress!

How will be the donations for your local campaign used? 

- Marketing, promotion and campaign for your city's network, especially targeting your location, to reach the local people!

- Direct donation to critical causes: food, water, restoring the environment and other vital causes for you and your community.

- We will setup the local network! You only have to follow us on social media, spread the word in your city, share with friends and family, and donate at least 1$. Thousands of citizens in your city at least donating 1$ will make it possible. It's very easy and affordable. But the more help we receive the more we will be able to help.

- Small donors will be the majority (you can donate 1$ or 2$, if you are insecure or cannot donate more, but this is a real project with 100% verified donations). But we also need to welcome big donors. Big donors will help us create the network to save humanity in your city much faster.

But time is short. And we can't do it alone. We need your help! 

How to Collaborate?

1) Bookmark our website, follow us on social media and 
spread the word in your city. Share with friends, family and co-workers. You and many others will be the key to spread the movement in your city.

2) Select your city below and donate at least 1$. If thousands of us unite with just 1$ or 2$ (or more if you can), we will be able to create the network in your city and ensure your survival, the survival of your local ecosystem, families, children and in a whole, humanity.

Select your Location
& Support your Local Campaign below:

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This section is IN PROGRESS. Every country will be clickable and inside you will find your location to support and grow the local network. In the meantime, start spreading the word in your city and follow us on social media. Time is short. And this is one of the most important things you can do for humanity right now. We need your help!

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