Give the gift of saving the planet and humanity! Hero Gift Cards are gift cards that support great humanitarian causes. When you give a friend, partner or family a Hero Gift Card they will be able to help any of our great causes of their choice. 

What can people do with Hero Gift Cards? 

They can give directly to a cause or get products that help good causes.

• Give to a Cause Directly:

They can use their Hero Gift Card to give directly to a humanitarian or environmental cause. The multiple benefits of donating directly:

- It donates motivational, positive or educational clothing/products to children and people who need it. 
- Educate and expand the awareness to others.
- Donations will also directly go towards the selected cause such as reforesting the planet, saving the ocean, providing food at schools for children and much more!

See the Campaigns:

Donate directly to save the environment and humanity


• Shop Products. Save the Planet:

They can redeem their Hero Gift Cards to get fantastic products; every item sold helps the causes. Profits will be directed to great causes!

This way he/she will be able to get something fantastic and unique in exchange, while supporting great causes at the same time. Because profits go towards direct relief (reforesting the planet, saving the coral reefs, etc.).

See the Products:

Get awesome products and help the planet.

So what are you waiting for? Give a Hero Gift Card to a special someone and help save the world!

Gift cards are delivered by email and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout.

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