Are you worried about the future, your family & the planet?

Humanity is in a critical moment. We are in trouble. From contamination to lack of basic needs, to lack of preparedness for global emergencies(such as Covid-19). We can stay worried about our future... or we can work together to create a better world!

Our mission is to save the people and the planet creating a global network of help. Uniting and working together, we can save nature, animals and the entire humanity. We do it for you, for our children, mothers, fathers, grandparents and our next generations!

How will my donation help save our world?

- You provide food to everyone, especially to underprivileged children.
- You provide clean drinkable water for people everywhere.
- You provide clothing (that is also ethical) to those who most need it.
- You help raise awareness of great causes with our art.
- You help us rescue wild animals and rehabilitate them.
- You rescue homeless dogs and cats at shelters with food and other items.
- You help rescue homeless people giving them skills and jobs.
- You help a movement for the equality of all races.
- You save the forests with our reforestation campaign.
- You save the oceans with our coral reefs and ocean restoration campaign.
- You help create jobs for independent artists and professionals all around the world. As our organization expands, we will be creating humanitarian jobs in all kind of positions for everyone.

Can I see proof?

Yes, you can! We prove all your donations with photos, reports and GPS locations. We give you a platform where you can be 100% sure that the donations arrive. Together, we can truly help people, animals and the planet.

How can I donate?

Our method consists of micro donations. You can donate 1$ or 5$ (or more). We are calling the whole world to unite and make the most incredible positive impact ever!

1) Donate 1$ (via Teaming):
With micro donations of 1$ per month we can save the planet without much individual expense. If we unite 100.000 people(donate and share it), that's 100.000$ per month to save people and help great causes everywhere. Imagine what we can do if we unite 100 million people! Start donating 1$ today!

2) Donate 5$ or more (via our Shop):
Donate 5$ or more through our Save the World Shop.

- 100% of the donations go towards helping the causes and supporting the movement.

- When we collectivelly reach the needed goal for a project, we will show you photos, GPS coordinates and reports of the impact.

We are a global community, a collective movement. Our future and the survival of our families depend of our individual and collective actions. But we can't do it alone. We need your help. And we believe that together we can do it. World We Can!

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