Designers drawing illustrations and creating art of animals and nature

Are you a designer? And want to help our cause? Participate in our humanitarian designer contest: WorldWeDesign!

How it works:

1. Create a cool design about a good cause (you can see ideas here), inspiring and uplifting. 

Save the Coral Reefs!
Make Humanity Great Again!
Let's Save the Planet!
Let's Save Humanity!

- DPI: 300 DPI required
- Size of document: 16 x 12 inches, vertical, 
- Colors: ideally 1 or 2 colors on the design. Less preferred 3 or 4. Least preferred 5 or 6 (but if your design requires it, you can do it!). Preferred 1, 2 or 3 colors.

2. Send it to us 
- PNG format

3. Post it in social media with the hashtags #WorldWeDesign and #WorldWeCan to spread awareness!

After we gather a good amount of designs, the winners will be announced! We will give you promotion on our platform and special prizes.

The winners will also be able to sell our products with their designs and earn a comission for their work! While supporting our campaigns for the planet and humanity at the same time!


Designer drawing a bear illustration inspired by real photos of bears

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