Why schools matter? Studies prove that education changes everything. Education yields a larger impact than ANY other form of help or aid we give. Just learning to read and write can bring millions out of poverty. And they can become the next greatest scientists or doctors! When enough of us come together to take a stand for the children and give a little bit, even if it's little, every child CAN receive education, nutrition and joy!

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  • HEALTH: For every year of education, the chances of catching illnesses goes down.
  • BIRTH CONTROL: Prevention decreases early pregnancy rates.
  • ECONOMIC BENEFITS: Income potential increases exponentially.
  • LESS POVERTY: Just learning to READ and WRITE could lift more than 170 million people out of poverty.
  • NUTRITION: For many underprivileged communities, schools can provide the essential food for the nutrition of the children who attend.
  • LIFE PROGRESS: For every new child that starts receiving an education, new potential benefits for our civilization emerge in the upcoming years. As these same children can become the next great doctors, innovators and artists.
  • FUTURE: Empowering children is essential for the future of humanity.

We believe every child has a right to an education and a thriving life. With your help, it will be a REALITY.


Help a global action to build schools for a better future for everyone! Purchase a product from our Build Schools Collection or donate now below:

  • Build Schools: Your product purchase or donation will combine with those of other supporters to create a multiplier effect and build schools for children around the world! Build the schools of the future and provide not only essential knowledge, reading and writing, but also empowering knowledge to help children thrive for humanity.
  • Spread Awareness: We donate 'Build Schools' t-shirts, merch and wall art to schools, underprivileged children, charities and communities to raise awareness of the cause!
  • Global Network of Schools: Support the creation of multiple schools around the world where we take care, teach and feed children!
  • Team for Schools: Power a talented team of professionals that work to build schools and artists that create art, video productions, banners and help the campaign physically and digitally around the world.
  • Jobs to Build Schools: Create jobs that build schools for our future.
  • Verified Donations: We prove every project with photos, reports and GPS locations. Real donations! For our future!

Up to 50% of donations build schools and 50% supports the platform. 100% saves humanity.

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