Action Plan to Save the Planet & Humanity

Create a worldwide network to save humanity through local projects that support the most critical humanitarian & ecological needs & causes.

By supporting projects around the world, we form a global network & humanitarian chain to save our lives.

Once the networks are in place, even if the economy, internet or energy grid collapsed, our self-sustainable networks would still operate & allow people to work or trade vital needs & essential items.

Ensuring your survival, saving your family & our future generations!

Strategy of the Plan:

- Shop ecofriendly clothing & products that raise awareness & help vital causes.

- Donate 1$ or 2$: if 1, 10 or 100 million of us unite we can quickly help critical needs, hire people, help the economy & save our world.

- Through the funds of the shop & donations, we help local humanitarian projects & create local networks for water supplies, food supplies, oxygen generation saving forests & the oceans,

- These local projects & networks spreaded worldwide, form a global network to save our lives.

- Globally producing jobs for causes, economic growth, investments & ecologic benefits.

- You can register, earn rewards & cash prices for participating. The more you participate, the more we can help the world.

- Provide thousands, potentially millions or billions, of jobs to save humanity. Our organization covers more than 45 industries of work!

- Sustainable clothing, fashion & product manufacture.

- Circular method: from start to end our supply chain & charity is beneficial for the planet & all living beings.

- Preserving Earth's resources efficiently.

- Minimizing waste, using renewable energy & repurposing products at the end of their lifetime into new products or donating them to those in need & spread awareness of our humanitarian organization.

- A win-win situation for everyone! We help everyone, no matter the race, social status or procedence. No matter if you are poor or rich, we help spread access to drinkable water, food, oxygen, clothing, shelter & self-realization. 

- In case of economic, internet or energetic collapse, the local networks will be setup to keep working, providing jobs or allow trade for vital needs such as water, food, clothing, etc. Preserving the world & the future of humanity!
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