Help Vital Causes
for our Survival!

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Provide Food

We donate to create a food network, connecting terrain owners with workers, volunteers and investors, for sustainable food.

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Provide Food

We believe every child, man and woman should have access to food to thrive.


Give Water to All

We believe water is an essential human right & that everyone should have access to it.


Save our Forests

We believe forests are critical for our survival with air, biodiversity & ecosystem protection.


Restore Oceans

We believe oceans provide us life essential needs & that we must preserve them to live.


Save Animals

We believe animals are important to mantain a healthy ecosystem & food chain.


Save the Bees

We believe bees are critical for our survival. And that collectivelly, we can save them.


Build Schools

We believe every child has a right to an education. With your help, it will be a REALITY.


Rescue Dogs & Cats

We believe every dog & cat deserves a life without suffering. Together, we can do it!


Save the Children

We believe every child deserves a good life, supporting & helping them thrive.


Raise Awareness

Help campaigns to spread the word about important life topics to save our future.


Save the Homeless

We believe every child & adult should have a home & bring their talents to society.


Help Covid-19 Relief

We believe we can help people in need, especially those affected by the lockdowns.


Spread World Peace

We believe we can live in peace. Humanity is evolving from competition to cooperation.


Save the Music

We believe music can heal. We will create events & support artists while giving back.


Religions Peace

We believe people of all religions can coexist & support a thriving world for each other.


We save our planet, people & future for every product purchased.

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How we do it:

1) Shop for a Cause: Every item sold helps the people and the planet. We direct part of the raised money to save the planet and our future. Help humanitarian and ecological causes!

2) Donate Directly: We raise funds through donations and make true impact faster.

3) Proof of Impact: We show photos, reports and locations so you can 100% trust our work. And see the progress of your support!

4) Positive Supply Chain: We make positive impact from start to end. From supporting independent artists and ethical manufacturers, to human empowering art for great causes!

5) Create a Global Network: The more funds we raise through our Shop or Donations, the more causes we can help in the world. Resulting in a global network of relief and action. 

Up to 50% of the donations saves our world and 50% supports our platform. 100% saves humanity. 

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