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Plan of Action to Save the Planet & Humanity!

The plan is to create a global network to save the planet & humanity through art, life essential products, ecology & charity.

Together, supporting projects around the world, we form a network & human chain to save our world.

Once the local vital networks are in place, even if the economy, internet or energy grid collapsed, they will still operate & allow work or trade for vital needs such as water, food, clothing & more. 

Ensuring our survival & future!


2021 Update

The current crisis and lockdowns crippled our world's economy causing mass job losses, food shortages and supply chain problems. We have to take action! We have a beautiful platform to solve all the most important human problems of today. Through shopping for causes, awareness art and direct donations, we can help local projects around the world. Creating a global network to save humanity. We are calling everyone to join us!

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11) Spreading the word & sharing with friends, family, social media, websites, forums, local news websites or stations.

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