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The wave of lockdowns crippled our economy and caused a record-setting tsunami of job losses. The most important threats we face today are: food and water supply shortages, contamination, health, energy and job insecurity. We must unite before collapse!

Our Solution:

We connect citizens, professionals, charities and organizations in local networks for food, water, oxygen, jobs and vital needs in your community!

These networks in cities around the world create an inter-connected global network for vital needs saving the planet and humanity. Join the action!

How does it work?

1: SELECT City

Select a city and donate 1$, 5$ or the amount you can! Your donation will be multiplied by other supporters to save your people, nature and future! Donate and spread the word!


We target your location with creative ads to reach more local people to support the campaign. The more people unites and donates, the better!

3: Network

We connect professionals, organizations, charities and local citizens for food, water, jobs and vital needs in your community. A local network to help and save everyone!

4: Survival

The local network helps vital humanitarian and ecological needs! And even if the economy, internet or energy grid collapses, the network will be formed, so everyone will know where to go for food and vital needs until the situation is fixed. This ensures that every child, man and woman will have food in the table and that together we will prevail!

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Join a network, save your future and see the progress!
All donations are proven with reports, photos and locations.

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