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Presenting Teams of Heroes:
We are building teams of artists and creators to create super productions for humanitarian and environmental causes. 

A Team of Heroes consists of:
- A designer
- A video producer
- An influencer

Super Productions for a Cause:

In 4 steps,

1- Select a topic/humanitarian/environmental cause

2 - Designer: The designer creates cool designs about the cause. The profits will be donated to help the cause and expand the awareness.

3 - Video Producer: The video producer creates a spectacular 2-3 minute video highlighting the cause.

4 - Influencer: The influencer promotes the final super production.

Proof of Donations:
Proof of the donations will be shown with photos, reports and GPS locations.

We raise money with our crowdfundings to create a super production, donate to a cause, raise its awareness and bring new products to the people. The designer, video producer and influencer will be generously compensated for their work.

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