Covid-19 Updates

Dear supporter:

We continue operating and we’re continuing to accept orders worldwide! We are creating jobs, raising awareness of vital causes and helping people as much as we can. This is a difficult time for everyone and we're all working hard to adapt. We have taken the best measures and follow the safety standards and local regulations. On average your items arrive between 5-15 days. For more distant locations, between 15-30 days. With the current general industry situation, some delays might happen. But your order will always arrive!

Please, do not overwork our team by contacting us. Check with the shipping company first and if after 30 days your order hasn't arrived, contact us. Have patience. Don't worry. Your order will arrive.

Stay strong and let's keep working to save the world!

Your support means a lot, especially because we are working to expand food and water access to everyone while also helping other humanitarian and ecological projects, preventing the impact of events such as lockdowns. 

Stay safe and take care of yourself and your family! We will keep working for a better future for everyone of humanity. Together, we can do it!

• Are there any other ways to support the movement right now?:

- Donate Directly to Save Humanity: You can support the movement donating directly, 3$ or more, to the campaigns through the Save the Planet menu, and selecting a Cause. Or by clicking the Donate button.

- Share Everywhere: Share our platform to save humanity everywhere you can; with your friends, family, on social media comments, chats, etc.. We need every bit of help possible. The future of humanity depends of it. And together, we can do it. Let's save the world!

Thank you for considering helping in any way. Stay strong!

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